Meet me At Starbucks

My goal as an Architect has always been to serve my clients and my community with good design. It has been exciting and challenging at the same time. My most difficult challenge is finding those people who want or need good design, but don’t know where to start. My hope that by offering to “meet you at Starbucks” (or Timmies if you prefer!) I can help bring answers to any of your questions, provide you with some free advice, or have a conversation about good design.

The Architecture industry is surrounded by mystery and misconception, but we want to change that.  It is true that architects are only involved in 5% of building construction that occurs around us because people don’t realize that they can benefit from an architect’s services.

Architects don’t just design the fancy buildings that catch your eye. Architects are trained to solve any problem you put in front of them, from the smallest piece of furniture, to a house addition, to zoning changes, to the local community centre.  We know that we can bring, to any design problem, creativity and problem solving to give you exactly what you need and want.

We are trained to think of every possible solution and give you the one that best serves your needs, wants, desires, budget, for now and for your future. We hope that we can design a space, room, building, garden, or deck that will make you feel good everytime you enter it.

Now, some of you might think, Architect’s just cost extra money and design things that are too expensive for my budget.  Your priorities are our priorities, so if budget is a priority we maximize the value of your budget. We also ensure that you get a good contractor and quality work from your budget. With proper planning we can actually save you money, more than the costs for our services. We can reduce your energy costs, reduce your long-term maintenance costs, get the highest quality for your resources, increase productivity, and reduce wasted square footage.

We at John MacDonald Architect believe that architecture is a team sport and we need you to play.  We are designing something truly custom just for you.  In order to do that we need your input.  We want your project to be a valuable long-term investment, with strong personal associations.

Already know a builder? That’s great! We would love to work with them to come up with a solution.  Two minds are greater than one they say and even better if one has the construction know-how and the other with a design know-how.

Think your project is too small to need an architect? No such thing. We design a service to suit your needs and your project. We want good design services to be available to everyone because a small project may loom very large to those who live with it everyday. Whether you need a more productive kitchen for your life style, a more generous entryway, a more organized storage system, more flexible offices, property selection assistance, a building inspection, or some colour advice, we can design a service to help you.

We want to bring architecture and good design to everyone who might have a question, to everyone who thought that an architect was too much for them. No question is too small for a cup of coffee, so name a time and a place and we’ll see where it leads…

Guest Blogger- Krista Hulshof M.Arch.

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