JMA Sponsored Event a Huge Success!

Yesterday, February 24th, John MacDonald Architect sponsored an event on Smart Growth, urban sprawl and municipal taxation. Featuring a keynote by author and planner, Pamela Blais, the day generated lively discussion and debates surrounding the issues.

At 4:15 JMA Principal John MacDonald offered a local perspective on urban sprawl and the fiscal landscape of KW, illustrating how urban residents subsidize sprawl in the suburbs.

Offering a candid critique of past planning and architectural conceptions of designing cities, the event promoted re-urbanization efforts, offering alternatives to current policies that tend to promote sprawl. Rather than an attack on suburban home builders and home owners, the goal of the day was to point out that rather than continuing to allow suburban homes to be subsidized by higher multi residential taxation rates, buyers pay the true cost of their purchase- whether downtown or in the suburbs.

Attendees included Chair Seiling, CAO Mike Murray, councillors from the Region, Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford, Guelph and Brantford, as well as representatives from local real estate, Directors from the Canadian Condominium Institute, Home Builders, Developers, Professors, Lawyers, Facilities Management, other architects, and interested citizens.

A special thanks to everyone who attended, and to Distinctly Tea for providing the delicious tea for the event.

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