To build or not to build: that is the Question.

Part of our goal when we created this blog back in September was to engage, interest and make our firm more accessible to the communities we serve. As part of this we encourage you to ask us questions, fill out our feedback forms, call us, email us, or stop and chat with us when you bump into us on the street.

With the warm weather approaching, and as we are once again able to see the grass in our backyards, dust off the patio furniture in our sheds, and migrate back outside, many people begin to ponder the idea of potential construction projects.


Before you stop reading because you think this is going to turn into some kind of sales pitch, I encourage you to keep reading, as I attempt to answer some of the questions you may be pondering.

Often during the course of the week our office fields calls from various local residents interested in discussing their building projects. This is a great first step! We encourage anyone thinking of an idea, thinking they may even have an idea for an idea to call or email. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

Some things you may want to consider when considering a project:

  • consider a possible schedule (when do you anticipate the project to start/end)
  • what is the budget for the project
  • consider the necessary permits, applications and permissions that will be involved (for instance, for the City of Kitchener you can visit its website to research what projects require building permits and gather other relevant information
  • will the GRCA have to approve the project? Are you planning to build within flood lines? (map your property online at
  • Do you know and understand the zoning of your property and the possible implications for your project?
  • Is your house or project heritage designated? Or within a designated area?
  • will soil conditions play a role in your project?
  • Is this a DIY project or are you planning to hire a contractor?
  • Do you know a good quality contractor you can trust to look out for your best interests?
  • Do you know what you want or are you looking for design ideas/advice?
  • do you want something designed to suit your specific needs?
  • do you want to ensure the highest quality results?

We can provide you with designs & documentation, assist you with permissions and permits, GRCA & zoning information, and provide invaluable advice whether you’re just contemplating an idea or actively pursuing a project.

We will even do one better, and meet you at a location, whether your house, business, property- wherever your idea takes us, to evaluate the opportunities and help (or try our best to help) point you in the right direction- even if that direction doesn’t include our services.

Still suspicious???

There is no catch. We will provide our honest opinion, to do with as you please. Just like that.


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