Mill Race Park

One of my favorite places in the Region is Mill Race Park, although not a building per say, designed by Adres Kalm landscape architect in 1979, it a very successful place in the Galt area.  The location at Park Hill Road and Water street is the site of the former mill race that served the Turnbull mill across the street, now only ruins remain.  The mill has undergone many cycles of use and is currently being converted into a restaurant and banquet hall.  A good compliment to the ever popular wedding ceremony site of the park.

The park is always busy in the summer and provides endless permutations of use. From wedding ceremonies, to walking your dog, to having and ice cream, to fishing, the designer has provided so many possibilities for this park that is always occupied by someone.

The park has variety of levels that allow you to explore the river is a variety of scales and distances.  You can walk closer to the street and peek down into the old mill race 15 feet below you which still echoes with rushing water.  You can enjoy the terrace that overlooks the river with a great view of downtown Galt and the bridge crossing the river.  The amphitheater is a site for many festivals and weddings throughout the summer.  Or you can get up close and personal with the river by walking down the stairs to each the actual rivers edge.

Your experience of the park is always complimented by an ice cream cone or fries from LA Franks concession stand. A little short on cash, don’t worry LA Franks accepts all your leftover Canadian Tire money. All too often I run into old friends and acquaintances also enjoying an milk shake.

The design eloquently incorporates the history into a modern successful park that will always be a favorite for me.

Guest Blogger Krista Hulshof



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