Too School for Cool

This probably makes me a complete dork but my favorite place in the tri-cities’ area is my school. I am not sure whether I’ve grown so attached to it, spending an unhealthy amount of time there, having met some really great people, or whether it is actually just a really great example of a well (re)designed building.

The University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture moved into an old silk mill in Cambridge in 2004. The building, redesigned by Levitt Goodman Architects, with extensive consultation from staff and students, [aka a lot of cooks in the kitchen] is now a bright studio space for its students and faculty with spectacular views of the Grand River and downtown Galt. The design is simple and clean – they took an existing building, carved out a large atrium, and then built out around it. The material palette is simple and lets the main feature of the building – tons of natural light – dominate.

I know I can’t attribute all the experiences I’ve had at the school to the building itself but it certainly is one of the best things about it. Here, the students take pride and ownership of the building; it truly feels like yours. Sure, having your own desk space and a 24-hour access helps, but its uncomplicated design and simple aesthetic makes it a little easier to envision your next few years in this place.


Guest Blogger Milda Miskinyte


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