For the Joy of Walking: Getting in Touch with your Inner Turtle!

Jane’s Walk

Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 2:00 pm, Kitchener

How do we find the time to do all that what we have to do? By zooming around in our cars.

Well, for those prefer the slow lane, the good news is that by walking, you can do it all and much, much more.

Feel good and have fun as…

  • You accomplish all your tasks,
  • You stay physically active,
  • You meet and connect with others,
  • You engage with your community,
  • You make environmentally and fiscally sustainable choices.

This year’s Jane’s Walk explores how the city environment and design can influence our travel choices, and hence influence the quality of life for all.

This walk will be led by the turtle of the Pedestrian Charter Steering Committee, and by John MacDonald and Margaret Santos. John MacDonald Architect is a progressive architectural firm providing services that support the communities in which we live, through sustainable design, urban re-development and joint initiatives with groups such as the Pedestrian Charter and the Festival of Neighbourhoods.

This walk will illustrate how walking can be the best option for getting around, and identifies how some relatively small changes to our public space can make it a lively and fun place to be for all, including people of all ages and abilities. Indeed, this could be the kind of transformation that can persuade us to walk, not just to accomplish our daily tasks, but also for the joy of walking.

 Meet us at Hibner Park at Ahrens Street West and Young Street and walk with us to the Clock Tower in Victoria Park. The walk is less than 1 km long.

 Oh! And about that turtle!? Stay tuned to this blog for further news!

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