Our Treehouse

As a feature project, John MacDonald Architect, along with Storeworks has undertaken the redesign of a residential property here in Kitchener. Located in the  St. Mary’s Historic Conservation District, the home was built in 1948 and features the appeal and charm common to the wartime houses in the neighbourhood.

In need of some TLC, the property is undergoing a total gut and re-design. Featured as a design storm project at JMA, numerous options were discussed and debated with design team members, local realtors, home stagers, and members of the public. Given that the property was built in the 1950s certain amenity and features were missing in the home that most feel are ‘givens’ so to speak, in more recent construction. Features such as an upper floor bathroom, an open concept floor plan and a finished basement were all design elements highlighted by the design storm. In keeping with the heritage designation, and the general aesthetic of the neighbourhood, the exterior finishes were decided early on to be minimal and true to the original colour palate. New siding, new windows and doors and a new roof are the major components of the work in the re-design of the exterior.

Given that the idea was for this to truly be an ‘office’ project, John has taken up the new role as general contractor for the project. Beginning with the total gut, and demolition of the interior walls, flooring, ceilings and the back half of the roof (in order to accommodate the new second storey addition), the project has progressed through to framing, and is currently in the process of being re-roofed (literally as we speak!). In the coming weeks our team will work on electrical, plumbing and mechanical work, followed by drywalling, flooring and finishes- working to a fall completion date.

We’ll be providing updates form time to time on how the project is progressing and the various features we’ll be incorporating that relate to design, history, sustainability and just plain fun.

Like most homeowners we already have a taste of the  joys of renovation and contracting with trades 🙂

In the end, we’ll have a great step by step record of the project in photos and blog posts and we’d love to have you come by for a tour once its all done. Stay posted!

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