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The Perfect Party House

Have you ever wondered what makes one home better for entertaining than another? Why no matter how many times you invite friends over for a get together they never seem to commit, but there they are the next weekend at the house with the pool table, and wet bar. Sure these features are fun, but it’s the space within the home that makes people feel welcome.

Making a few changes to your space can create a more inviting space where your guests can feel comfortable and are more apt to having a good time.

First impressions are important. When you welcome people into your home you want to put your best foot forward. Your entrance should be warm and inviting, clutter free, and large enough for a few people to comfortably remove their outerwear. A good party house has ample shoe storage (you don’t want guests tripping all over each others shoes), as well as an area near the entry where guests can independently get their coats.

The entry is where first and last impressions are formed, so make sure it’s pleasant. Try to take advantage of any nooks and crannies in and around your entry, creating open shelving, or a small closet will make better use of the vertical space allowing you to remove entry consoles, freeing up valuable floor space.

Traffic flow is always important and a party is certainly no exception. The ideal entertaining house is large enough for people to move through freely but maintains intimate and warm areas to converse. These comfortable areas ideally should be created around what one might call a central “hub”. This is a room that connects other key entertaining spaces, like the kitchen, dinning room, patio and living room. This allows for guests to move through the space easily and encourages conversation by creating several intimate social areas while maintaining the traffic flow through the “hub”.


Having different areas of the home open for guests to move through also allow them to decide where they feel most comfortable rallying.

Simply re-configuring your rooms can create this type of “hub”; for example it might make more sense for your family room and dinning room to switch places. Also consider any rooms that tend to go unused, maybe removing or partly removing a wall will open up the space to its full potential. Really think about how your spaces are or are not used and take into account the flow, a few small changes can completely change the feel of the space.

Making your guests comfortable is the key to hosting a successful gathering.

A group of guests will always settle in the kitchen. Having high-level seating in this room is the best way to ensure that they are relaxed and don’t feel as if they are looking to be waited on. A kitchen island with pub style stools encourages guests to help with the preparations while they keep you company. If you don’t already have a kitchen island you can put one in, if you have the space. If not consider the option of a movable island.

Think about transitional pieces. If selected correctly, the kitchen island can double as a serving buffet or that wet bar you always wanted.

Think about your home practically, if you have a formal dining room that is never used there’s no point to it. Change it up and create something beautiful in that space instead. Make every public area in your home one that’s comfortable and enjoyable and your guest will never want to leave.